We're back!

It took us a while but we spent the better half of the last year quietly working on the game. Check out the trailer and join our discord channel for more frequent updates. Light&Dark is coming, it just took us longer than expected to sort out funding and continue development.


How it all began

Before we get into all the nitty gritty game development stuff I’d like to take a few moments to go back to how this game came about.

Back in 2014 a few of us were attending a course in game design, which took place in the Croatian Machina Academy. Just after we finished, a big game convention was happening and a game jam was going to be organized for the entire 4 days. The theme of the game jam was simply the word “and”.


Hello world!

Welcome to our new site! We plan to have regular content updates and share our development process with you. Light&Dark is our first game and as such we are sure that there will be many ups and downs with our development process. We plan to document them all here!