Remember how you always went for the mailbox in the morning, anxiously waiting for a new postcard from your grandad? What an exciting life he led as an archeologist, discovering traces of times long gone and civilizations long perished! But now, he is nowhere to be found. You are alone in his mansion, surrounded by grim darkness. Your lantern slowly fades away, and you hear eerie noises coming towards you. Yet, you go on, remembering grandpa’s advice: “Move, kiddo. Move, and they won’t catch you.”


Light&Dark is a 2D roguelike platformer where you explore a cursed mansion in search of your grandpa. Your tools for surviving this dark and hostile environment are all based on light. You will use a Flashlight, a Lantern, matches etc. As you traverse the darkness your sanity will slowly fade away so you have to balance the limited amount of light you have with the ever present darkness and the horrors that lurk inside it. The game features permadeath and randomly generated level design so that every run is different and every run forces you to use the mechanics of the game instead of learning the layouts by repetition.


The art in the game is highly dependant on the gameplay. We've deliberatly chosen to limit ourselves to only using black and white and to avoid any shades of grey. Because the main objective of the game is to explore the dark. Because of the limitations of the art we have to resort to using sound as another very important gameplay element.

Team info

We are a currently a 3 man team based in Zagreb, Croatia. We met at the game design school Machina and are currently using its incubation program. The initial idea for the game happened at the Machina Game Jam in 2014. The prototype went on to win the "best gameplay" category at Reboot Infogamer 2014 and the best arstyle category at Infogamer 2015. Because of the overwhelming amount of positive feedback the game got we decided to take a crack at it full time.